April Gaming Event

Spring has Sprung and we are celebrating with a Splendor tournament, Breakfast foods and a Green Thumb giveaway! Themed games can include, but are not limited to: Wingspan, Viticulture, Splendor, Caverna, Spring Meadow, etc.

First off, we will be having a Splendor tournament with $5 entry starting at 5 PM. Prizes will include a copy of the Expansion: "Cities of Splendor" and some custom gems to bling out your own personal copy! Please arrive around 4-4:30 PM so that we can get a good count of how many will be playing. See Crystal Correll or Tim Miller to register. All entry fees go towards our prize support.

Second, BREAKFAST!!!!! The meal being provided will be various meal options including Bacon and Eggs, Hashbrowns and even a Ham! We will also have milk on hand, so feel free to bring your favorite cereal to share.

Our giveaway for the night will be Herbaceous Sprouts, a game where players use dice to plant and grow a garden.

We hope to see everyone there! Remember that there is no entry fee to play our games or share our food. This is a public event for anyone wanting to enjoy the company of other gamers in a safe place free of any judgments.

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