SEPTEMBER 15th event

The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are slowly dropping. This can only mean one thing….


Our theme for the month of September event will be Fall and Tailgating! We will provide tailgate party foods and the prize for our giveaway will be Indian Summer. COME JOIN US ON SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH!! @ 4 pm @ WESTERN HILLS

We will also be hosting several tournaments including Azul and Star Wars Legion. We will giving away a copy of Azul as well as the exclusive Joker Tile for the game as prizes for the tournament. Winner will decide which prize they receive and the other player will be entered in a drawing for the remaining prize. Entry for the tournament is $5.00 donation which helps us provide prizes for future tournaments. Registration will start at 4pm, first round pairings and setup will begin at 4:45 PM and first round will start at 5PM.

The SW Legion Tournament will be a casual two game tournament with prize support dependent on the number of entries/ Prizes include the hard to find snow troopers and fleet troopers as General Veers and Leia. Entry is $5 donation to help with prize support. We will also be giving away a fantasy flight play-mat to a random participant if we get at least 8 players. Registration will start @ 4 pm, first round pairings at 4:45 and the tournament will start at 5.

As always, we will have open board gaming through out the night with games varying from beginner gateway games to fun party games to more advanced Euro style games and more! Gamers of all ages are welcome and our events are always welcome to the public.

We hope to see you there!

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