The month of May will see us in space as we celebrate a certain Galaxy Far, Far away as well as Away Teams and Browncoats. Our Feature game and main giveaway will be Clank! In Space as well as Lost Legacy. For our aspiring Star Wars Legion players we will also have a pack of Snowtroopers and General Veers available as prizes in case you do not want a board games.

We will also have Meaty Spaceballs and Smoked Moon Chunks for snacks as well as your favorite space themed junk food. Milky Way, Sun Chips, and Starburst!

WE have plenty of table space and terrain for several games of Star Wars Legion or any other miniature games, like Warhammer 40k, Warmachines, Battle Tech ect… so feel free to join us!

Stay Shiny everyone and May the Schwartz be with you all!

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