August Gaming Update

I've been failing to update the website... I know this. But hey, better late than never right?

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer sun and hopefully a lighter load from school and work! 

We have some great gaming events coming up here in the next few months. As a quick TLDR for your reference our upcoming events (all saturday events run 4pm to 11 pm at Moore First United Methodist Curch) are-

Saturday, August 16th - Back to School

     - Cooperative games!

     - Fiasco!

     - 40k - UNBOUND! (yes, you hear it. Bring it all)

     - Magic: The Gathering EDH (Commander) Casual Tournament!


Saturday, September 20th - Tailgater

Saturday, October 18th - Halloween

Saturday, November 15th - Thanksgiving

Get the dates on your calendars, we hope to see everybody there!

Now for our upcoming event we have some really exciting things planned. As seen above we are doing a Back to School theme with some great raffle prizes, and even better featured games. Many of you have already had your chance to try out Fiasco, but if you haven't it is a ton of fun and will get a chance this month! We will be raffling off a few copies and playing a bunch of games.

Our 40k Tournament for this month is our very first Unbound Tournament! 3 games, 1500 points, using the unbound rules of 7th edition! Get out some of that aggression before school and football bring it all back!

To get you in a cooperative mood our featured board games are all co-op games! Shadows Over Camelot, Pandemic, Forbidden Desert, and Forbidden Island will all be able to be played and we have them as raffle prizes!! Come try them out, and then have a change to win them!

And, making its OKTGC debut Magic: The Gathering! For the first time organized Magic play comes to the club! We are going to do a casual EDH (commander) 4 man free for all tournament. Winner takes home a commander deck, with boosters all around! Come check it out!

And I think that just about wraps it up! It should be tons of fun and we look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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